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My Best Forex Robot
Question1 ‘MBF Robot’, What does it mean?
Response1 It is an abbreviation of ‘My Best Forex Robot‘.
This Robot is produced in Morocco.
Question2: ‘Forex’, What does it mean?
Response2 Foreign Exchange (Forex) refers to the foreign exchange currencies market.
Question3 What is the utility of ‘MBF Robot’?
Response3 The Robot can analyse the market quickly and intelligently. It can give great help to Trader.
Question4 Can the Robot be executed on several markets at the same time?
Response4 Yes
Question5 ‘Market’, What does it mean?
Response5 A market corresponds to a pair of currencies or simply a graph which progress.
Question6 Is ‘MBF Robot’ an automatic Robot?
Response6 During the launch you can choose between the Automatic Mode and the Semi-Automatic Mode.
Question7 ‘Semi-Automatic Mode’, What does it mean?
Response7 With the Semi-Automatic Mode, our Robot analyzes the market then it proposes positions and the trader decides.
Question8 What The strategy of the Robot is especially based on?
Response8 The strategy of the Robot is especially based on :
- The MACD indicator and
- The sequence of Alembex invented by Mustapha BELKHAYATE.
Question9 Who is Mustapha BELKHAYATE?
Response9 It is the famous prince of the Forex.
Question10 What is the strength of the sequence of Alembex?
Response10 The sequence of Alembex is the most profitable sequence of putting in the world.
It guarantees more chance to win.
The secret is in the fact of knowing when go out of the market.
NB: To know how to make decisions is not sufficient.
Question11 What is the term of validity of licenses?
Response11 The term of validity of licenses shall be one year.
Question12 What is the cost for an annual license ‘MBF Robot‘?
Response12 See the page xxx.
Question13 Which is your advice to benefit at the most from 'MBF Robot’?
Response13 I advise you to use ‘MBF Robot’ in Semi-Automatic Mode and some good indicators at the same time.
Question14 what is an indicator?
Response14 It is a useful graphic tool. It gives help to interpret better a market.
Question15 What are the good indicators which you propose to us?
Response15 Good indicators are included in the Pack.
Question16 Does Robot take account also positions taken manually?
Response16 Yes
Question17 Does the Robot edit the Event Log?
Response17 Yes
Question18 Can you configure the Robot for a Broker who does not appear on your list?
Response18 To Discuss.
Thank you for contacting us.
Question19 Can I have your Robot knowing that I already have a real account with broker listed?
Response19 Thank you for contacting us.