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"MBF Robot"
My Best Forex Robot
In the FOREX, it is difficult to take positions manually and even more without use of Indicators. That is why, it is advised to use a Robot and why not some good indicators at the same time. In fact, the Robot can analyze the market quickly and intelligently; Consequently, it facilitates the task to the user.
Our Robot can be automatic or semi automatic according to the choice of the user. The user can also choose between several options during the launch of the Robot.
The Robot uses the sequence invented by Mr Mostapha Belkhayate. It is named: the Sequence of ALEMBEX with a light difference: we can choose a multiplier upper or equal to '2'. The tests showed that it is the most profitable sequence in the world.
Our Robot can be executed on several markets at the same time with the possibility of taking a position of sale or a position of purchase on every market. Also, it is possible to take positions manually at the same time.